Project Three - Learning 2050

The Commission identified that education would be a key determinant of the future success and competitiveness of the city and ensuring that the local workforce has the skills necessary to be able to meet the needs of knowledge-intensive businesses.  To that end, the Learning 2050 project will explore how MK’s schools and college can give a greater focus to STEM subjects; science, technology, engineering and maths. This includes both what is taught as part of the curriculum and how it’s taught - how opportunities to engage with business can be harnessed and demonstrating how STEM subjects are essential in some high-profile industries.



The project’s core objectives are to help students be able to access future employment opportunities by developing transferable skills and knowledge; for students to be able to access higher education at MK:U with its emphasis on STEM-related subjects; and to have a highly-skilled workforce in the city creating an environment that is attractive to knowledge-intensive business sector employers.


A group of headteachers, governors and other education partners will participate in a workshop in November 2017 to develop a more detailed scope for this project and consider how they can work together to make a sustainable change in how the MK education system approaches STEM.  


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