In 2016, the MK Futures 2050 Commission published their report, Making a Great City Greater. You can read that report, and a summary below.  One of the recommendations in their report was to prepare a Strategy for 2050, which we have now adopted.

CWP1 - What Makes a Great City.jpg
CWP2 - Results from the Commission's Eng
CWP4 - A Resilient Milton Keynes.jpg
CWP5 - DRAFT Economic Prospects of MK to
CWP14 - Health and Wellbeing Needs.jpg
CWP15 - Educations and Skills.jpg
CWP16 - Options and Opportunities for un
CWP17 - Milton Keynes A Low Carbon City.
CWP6 - Where have we been, where are we
CWP7 - Milton Keynes and the Sub Region.
CWP8 - Housing.png
CWP9 - Infrastructure, Maintenance, Rene
CWP10 - Transport and Structure of the C
CWP11 - Intelligent On-Demand Mobility.j
CWP12 - Milton Keynes Density Report.png
CWP13 - MK Cultured and Creative City, T
CWP18 - Water Sustainability Report.jpg
CWP19 - What Makes a Great City Arup.jpg

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