MK Futures 2050
and the Strategy for 2050

In July 2016, the MK Futures 2050 Commission published their report, Making a Great City Greater.  The report included a recommendation to prepare a Strategy for 2050, to take a long term view of the future growth of the city.

In January 2020, we published our Draft Strategy for 2050 for public engagement. During the first months of that engagement period we hosted many public meetings, attended by hundreds of residents of local communities from across the area. Sadly, the Coronavirus lockdown meant we had to cancel our remaining public meetings, but we made available a narrated version of the presentation used in those meetings and a list of 'frequently asked questions', and extended the engagement period by a further five weeks.  These resources are still available to view, as well as the January 2020 Draft Strategy for 2050 and the various evidence studies prepared to support it.  


When our engagement period closed on 22nd May we had received feedback from many hundreds of people by email, on social media and at our events.  As part of finalising the Strategy for 2050, we also wanted to give people the opportunity to share their thoughts on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the future development of the city.  We therefore published some thoughts and questions that we believe need to be considered in relation to Covid-19, and asked for feedback in response regarding the adaptations that may be appropriate to include in the Strategy. 

We are now using all of the feedback received to date to help us improve and refine the Strategy for 2050.  This revised Strategy for 2050 will be published in Autumn 2020 ahead of adopting the Strategy through our Cabinet and Council processes. 

If you wish to get in contact in the meantime, please send us an email to 

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