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Project Six recognised the key role culture plays in place-making.  Culture is and will be, integral in offering opportunities for residents, attracting and retaining visitors and bringing the best individuals to the city for work. 

Milton Keynes’ Creative & Cultural Strategy sets out how we will achieve the aims of Project Six.  It is an ambitious 10-year plan which pledges that: “Milton Keynes will be an internationally recognised creative and cultured city; known for the excellence and diversity of its borough-wide, year-round cultural offer. As a city, Milton Keynes will offer residents and visitors an inclusive cultural identity, where creative experiences and opportunities transform lives”.

This strategy builds on the MK Futures 2050 pledges for sustainable models, festivals celebrating our urban design and building our asset base.

You can read more about how the City Council's Culture Team have been taking forward the recommendations of the MK Futures 2050 Commission on their website at

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