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Project One - Growth & Strategy

Making A Difference

Growth and Strategy

The MK Futures 2050 Commission recognised the opportunities that are created by Milton Keynes position at the hub of the corridor between Cambridge and Oxford.  The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has looked at this corridor too, thinking about how improving transport infrastructure and cross-boundary strategic planning could create benefits for the wider region. Being at the centre of this corridor, especially with improved transport links, means MK can really benefit from access to knowledge-intensive jobs, a highly-skilled workforce and a bigger market for our services.  So as part of Project 1 we are working to capitalise on those opportunities through work with partners, neighbouring authorities and central government.


As part of Project 1 we are preparing a Strategy for 2050.  The Strategy for 2050 is intended to build on the work of the MK Futures 2050 Commission.  It will set out a framework of policies to deliver the long-term vision of the future identified in “Making a Great City Greater” that will help inform future iterations of the Local Plan and other strategies and policy documents.  It will include policies to support the delivery of the other MK Futures 2050 projects, and help to identify and strengthen the interlinkages between them. The scope of the Strategy for 2050 will be wider than a planning policy document, taking a more holistic approach to the future development of the city that doesn’t just have a spatial focus.  It will, however, be sensitive to the emerging Plan:MK by focussing on the post-2031 period.


The Strategy will be prepared using existing evidence, including that prepared for the Commission process (including the 17 Commission Working Papers available online at mkfutures2050.com/read-our-report), and new studies prepared specifically for the Strategy.  


This includes five evidence documents prepared in 2017, available below.


Scale and Directions of Growth – David Lock Associates

Innovative Mobility Roadmap – ITP

Future Communities and Meeting Housing Need – IBI

Building on a Culture of Innovation – Useful Projects

Future of Employment and Workforce Structure – Shared Intelligence



Following a successful bid to the MHCLG (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) Joint Working Fund, Milton Keynes Council is now embarking on a major piece of research into the opportunities for growth in the metropolitan MK area, responding to the NIC’s recommendation that the city grows to a population of around 500,000 by 2050.  As well as examining potential locations for growth within and outside of the city, it will also look at how a viable and effective mass rapid transit system could be provided for the city, future economic scenarios and how to ensure a resilient and competitive economy, and the delivery mechanisms and governance structures that could manage growth more effectively.



This Strategic Growth Study will be an important input to the Strategy for 2050 process, and will also help inform cross-boundary discussions across the Cambridge-MK-Oxford corridor.  The study is due to be completed in 2019. There will be ongoing engagement throughout this period as we develop the Strategy for 2050, with the aim of having the strategy ready for adoption in 2020.