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Project One - Growth & Strategy

Making A Difference


Growth and Strategy

The MK Futures 2050 Commission recognised the opportunities that are created by Milton Keynes position at the hub of the corridor between Cambridge and Oxford.  The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has looked at this corridor too, thinking about how improving transport infrastructure and cross-boundary strategic planning could create benefits for the wider region. Being at the centre of this corridor, especially with improved transport links, means MK can really benefit from access to knowledge-intensive jobs, a highly-skilled workforce and a bigger market for our services.  So as part of Project 1 we are working to capitalise on those opportunities through work with partners, neighbouring authorities and central government.

As part of Project 1 we are preparing a Strategy for 2050.  The Strategy for 2050 is intended to build on the work of the MK Futures 2050 Commission.  It sets out a framework of policies to deliver the long-term vision of the future identified in “Making a Great City Greater” that will help inform future iterations of the Local Plan and other strategies and policy documents.  

A draft of the Strategy for 2050 was published on 20th January 2020 for public engagement.  You can learn more by clicking here

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