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A strategy for the future of our great city will only succeed if it is created together with all our communities.  Therefore, in preparing our Strategy for 2050, we talked to lots of different groups and individuals, and held two engagement periods where we asked people to share their thoughts, including in writing, on a draft of the Strategy. 

We have prepared a Supporting Statement to sit alongside the final Strategy for 2050 to explain the preparation process and set out how we have responded to the comments people made during our engagement periods in 2020.  There is also a more comprehensive summary of the comments received which is available here.

We also include below the Engagement Draft Strategy for 2050 (published in January 2020), our note on COVID-19, and other materials that were available as part of the engagement period held during January – May 2020.

Strategy for 2050 – Supporting Statement
Strategy for 2050 – Engagement Draft January 2020
Strategy for 2050 – Summary of responses to the draft Strategy for 2050 and COVID-19 review
Strategy for 2050 Engagement Draft FAQs
Narrated presentation on Engagement Draft – YouTube link
YouTube video for Strategy engagement
COVID-19 issues note
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