Draft Strategy for 2050

A strategy for the future of our great city will only succeed if it is created together with all our communities.  In January 2020 we published our draft Strategy for 2050 for a four month period, to encourage people to get involved in a discussion about our proposed approach - which has been developed from the work of the MK Futures 2050 Commission and their programme of public engagement.

Since the Strategy for 2050 was drafted and published for engagement, the world has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and the way we all live our lives has changed dramatically.  We believe the ambitions of the Strategy for 2050 still hold true, of ensuring everyone has access to a decent home at a price they can afford, that we should have mobility for all, and of encouraging economic growth and improving skills for our residents.  We therefore prepared a short note for engagement about the possible implications for the Strategy for 2050 from the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are now reviewing all of the feedback received to date to help us improve and refine the Strategy for 2050. We intend then to publish the revised Strategy for 2050 in Autumn 2020 ahead of taking the Strategy through our Cabinet and Council processes for adoption early in 2021. 

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