About the MK Futures 2050 Commission (2015-2016)

The MK Futures 2050 Commission was set up in September 2015 as a way of thinking about the future of the city, helping to create a long term vision for the way MK should grow and prosper over the coming decades.  The Commission was made up of a group of nine individuals, chaired by Sir Peter Gregson the VC from Cranfield University, with the other commissioners being either experts in their fields or local champions.  


The Commission process was supported by Council officers and our political Group Leaders also attended the Commission meetings to be able to contribute to the debate.  The group discussed the issues, challenges and opportunities facing MK and the global drivers that will influence the place in the future.  They talked about the importance of inclusive growth, to make sure that the benefits of growth are shared across the whole community – not just those living in areas or working in newly created jobs.


They felt that education and mobility were fundamental to the future prosperity of the city, and that addressing those two issues were the priority.  So as part of how to deliver their vision for MK in 2050, the Commission recommended Six Big Projects.  

The Commission published their report 'Making a Great City Greater' in July 2016 and it was debated at our Full Council meeting that month where the report gained unanimous support from across all of the Councillors.


The role of the MK Futures 2050 Commission came to a formal end in July 2016 when they published their report. Picking up on the Commission’s recommendations, the Council has worked to deliver the Six Big Projects through the MK Futures 2050 programme, including preparing the now adopted Strategy for 2050.